our clients speak

"Tania Franolic has been assisting me with my practice for the last 7 years.  The experience and professionalism she has is a definite asset to me and my clients.  Having Tania as part of my team equips me to deliver the best possible service to all my clients.
I have had the opportunity to refer Tania to other lawyers or paralegals.  Those wise enough to enlist her services report back they are well served.
I trust Tania with the handling of my accounts and to do what is best to keep me in compliance."
  Doug Morton, Paralegal
  Morton Consultants & Paralegal Services
  Mississauga, Ontario

 "I am a solo business lawyer with a transactional practice.  There is plenty of general admin, plus a need for assistance with basic corporate documentation.  I am always looking for ways to do things faster, better, cheaper.  Legal Eagle (Tania) gel;ps me with the work and in innovating my practice and its administration.  I recommend it, and Tania, unreservedly."
  Joel Kissack, Business Lawyer
  Kissack Law Professional Corporation
  Oakville, Ontario 

Tania has been doing my administration & bookkeeping for approximately 15 years.  She is knowledgeable, organized, efficient and reliable.  My deadlines with Law Society, Revenue Canada and LPIC are always met.  She always brings important things to my attention & explains things I am not clear on.  
  Edmond Brown, Criminal Lawyer
  Brampton, Ontario

"Tania has assisted me with bookkeeping and admin services for approximately 3 years now.  She has kept the financial side of my practice in great shape and helped guide me through multiple audits successfully.  She has been available when necessary on weekends and late into the evenings.  I cannot recommend her skills and professionalism enough.  If you have need of administrative help, whether bookkeeping or more traditional support, Legal Eagle Admin Services is as far as you need to look."
  Alexander H. Hope, Criminal Defence Lawyer
  Brampton, Ontario