• REGULAR return – up to 10 info slips
  • ONE meeting included (if required, BY APPOINTMENT) either at drop off, or upon completion/pick up

         Charitable Donations
         Union Dues
         RRSP Income/Contributions
         Student Loan Interest
         Child Care Expenses
         Pension Income Splitting
         Medical Receipts
         Transit Passes
         UCCB (Child Benefit)
         Tuition & Education Amounts
         Support Payments
         Amount for Eligible Dependent

  • REVIEW of prior year tax return for NEW customers

T1 Adjustment


  • For current or prior year, to include missed slips, or changes to tax situation

income tax services

pricing for 2017

  • BASIC return – max. 5 info slips (T3, T4, T5)
  • SENIORS with income splitting & investment slips
  • Does NOT include any pre- and/or post-assessment review, or audit support with CRA (available at additional cost if required)
  • No meeting, pick up and drop off only
  • STUDENTS must be in high school or post secondary school (includes T2202A form); must be under 21 years of age
  • Includes T4’s from part-time/summer jobs

  • SENIORS, over 65 years, with basic CPP/OAS income
  • Does NOT include investments, charitable donations, medical or income splitting (must move up to BASIC return)

notice of assessment copy


  • Reprint of NOA from CRA website for current or prior years

*All prices are subject to HST and may be higher than displayed depending on the complexity

**We are pleased to now offer Debit, Email Transfer, Visa & Mastercard payment options




disability tax credit application


  • Review of customer circumstances to determine possible eligibility for tax credit
  • Assistance in preparation of CRA Tax Credit Application
  • Filing with CRA, and copy retention at our office
  • CRA follow up
  • T1 Adjustments for the years impact, up to 10 years max.

pre- or post-assessment review


  • You receive letter from CRA requesting further information to substantiate your tax credit request
  • We will prepare a written reply and provide information requested from your tax return on your behalf
  • ​Follow-up, as required, to close review